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A memorial headstone should be a lasting symbol of rememberance and a tribute to a loved one now passed on. The importance of choosing the right option can not be understated. At Young Johnson we will help you make the appropriate choices for you and your loved ones to best remember the life of the departed. Examples of the Memorial & Headstones we can produce are available on our Gallery page.


White marble is probably the best known material for memorials. It is quarried in Italy and imported. It is now not permitted in the Churchyards but can still be used in Cemeteries.

Nabresina Marble is an off-white colour marble which can have pinkish markings. It is quarried in Italy and imported. This material is permitted in Churchyards and Cemeteries.

Portland and Purbeck Stone is quarried in Dorset and is cream coloured. It is permitted in all Churchards and Cemeteries. It is particularly suitable for the country Churchyards.

Granite - Some Granite e.g. Cornish is still quarried in this country, however most Granites are imported from other parts of the world. There are various colours, black, grey, red, blue and other new colours which come from the East. As a general rule only grey Granite is permitted in Churchyards.

Inscription Letters

The type of material will determine the type of inscription letter. Engraved letters finished with coloured enamel or gold leaf are the most popular and long lasting. Inlaid leaded letters can be used on White or Nabresina Marble and raised leaded letters on the Granites. 

We will be happy to provide a scaled or full size drawing of your memorial to see before the engraving commences.


There is a fee payable to erect a memorial or add a new inscription on an existing memorial in a Churchyard or Cemetery. We deal with all the formalities on your behalf. We contact the Church or Cemetery Authority and pay the fee on your behalf, adding it to the invoice on completion of the memorial work.


If you would like to consider insuring the memorial, we would be pleased to arrange this for you.


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